Be it Salman Khan’s costume from ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ to Madhuri’s outfits, we all have followed the fashion trend set by these Bollywood stars, isn’t it?

But, have you ever wondered even for a second what happens to all the outfits after the movie is over? Do they end up in a dark place or locked up, or maybe even forgotten?

Locked Up in Trunks

Well, according to a media website Mid-Day, they are locked up in trunks, kept in the production houses, labeled with their respective movie names and forgotten.

While some of them are mixed up and reused for junior artists in other movies of the same production house. This procedure is followed to give a new overall movie experience so that people don’t realize that the outfit has been reused.

But, good thing is that not all clothes end up in those trunks. Some outfits are taken by the stars to keep it as a souvenir.

And the designer dresses such as the one Anushka wore in Bombay Velvet which weighed around 35 Kgs, they are usually taken back by the designers to their workplaces.